Robert D. Waters

 Min båd
Bådtype:Great Dane 28
Sejlnr.:US 118
Beliggende:Lake Superior
 Mig selv
Navn:Robert D. Waters
Adresse:236 Iroquois Street
Laurium, Michigan
USA     49913
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Min erfaring:I´ve owned my Great Dane 28 since April,2001. I currently have her in storage attempting a "stem to stern refit with plans for extending cruising in the near future.
Hvor sejler du:I currently sail on the Keweenaw Waterway and Lake Superior off the coast of Michigan´s northern Upper Peninsula.
Tidligere både:I´ve owned and restored several small sailboats inculding an O´day 17 daysailer, O´day 25, Halman 20, Bayfield 29 cutter. From July, 1998 to July, 1999 I sailed the Bayfield from my home near Lake Superior to the Bahamas and back. 5000+ nautical miles. H
Anden information:Would greatly enjoy hearing from other Great Dane 28 owners. There are very few of these fine vessels in the States.

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