Terry Orton

 Mijn boot
Scheepstype:Jouet 1080
Naam van de boot:Jeu De Mer
Geplaatst:Tamar, Plymouth
Naam:Terry Orton
Adres:42 Cardinal Avenue
St. Budeaux
Verenigd Koninkrijk
Aangesloten bij:Tamar River Sailing Club
Mijn ervaring:Sailed for many years. Have crossed the channel several times with friends and family. Mainly sail along the south coast. I am a yachtmaster and powerboat driver.
Waar zeilt u:Maily the Cornish coastline as it can be the best place in the world when the weather is right. Occasionally make the trip abroad. I also race in the rivers with the club - great fun...
Vorige boten:Plymouth Piolet from which I fished. A Hurley 22 on which I learnt to sail. A macwester Rowan 8m which I had for 11yrs and most recently I bought the Jouet 1080.
Overige informatie:I only bought the Jouet last year. She has been so badley looked after I have had to gut the entire boat to replace standing rigging, and bulkheads. It also needs a bloody good varnish. Could do with any information on the Jouet that people have.

Datum van laatste update: 25 november 2004