Axel Tilch

 La mia barca
Modello:Larsen 232
No. velico:-
Nome Barca:Lioba
Situata:Veerse Meer/nl
 Me stesso
Nome:Axel Tilch
Membro del:WSVW
La mia esperienza:We started sailing in 1974 but only in 2006 we switched from open boats to our first keel boat, the Larsen 232.
Dove navighi (a vela) ?:We are sailing in the Schelde Area of Zeeland, NL. So this is mainly Veerse Meer, Oosterschelde, Grevelinger Meer, ...
Barche precedenti:The dingis we owned were Schakel and Contender. We sailed a lot on BM´s and Centaurs. Besides this we chartered yachts between 32 and 35 ft. in the North and Baltic Sea, and in the Mediteranean See.
Altre informazioni:We are very interested in experiences from other owners, and we are open for recommendations especially for longer trips, additional sails, behavior of the boat in heavy weather ... everything!

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