David Schurman

 My boat
Boat type:Nordic 81
Sail no.:-
Yacht name:THAÏS
Located:Berlin-köpenick, DE
Name:David Schurman
Address:Schwartzkopffstraße 8
D-10115 BERLIN-Mitte
Phone:+49 (0)172 321 28 79
Member of:HelsingørAmatørSejlskab,Trans-Ocean,SCF-1891Frater
My experience:Island,Greenland, Northwest Passage, NovaScotia to Bahamas, Bermuda...
Denmark; Norway: east coast to Oslo, Telemark Kanal; Sweden: west coast, lakes, Dalsland Kanal to NO, Göta Kanal, east coast Archipelago; Åland; Finland; Bornholm,DK; Poland: Warte an
Where do I sail:EU canals, NO Telelmark, SE Dalsland, Gøta; Åland, FI
Previous boats:Nicholson 3/4 Ton
Other information:always interested in finding crew for exploration [after 10 years away] of Poland´s Notec and Warte, and inland waters of Berlin and Brandenburg. Daysail or longer.

Date for latest update: 21 June 2011