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Welcome to Udkik

Maritime information and advertisement for individuals and companies

Looking for a new boat?
Find your dream boat at Advertisements. Search for information in our Yacht Database, which covers more than 22,000 boat types.

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Add value to your boat: Read our good advice before selling your boat at Advertisements. Your ad is instantly translated into 10 languages and your boat is for sale in all of Europe at once.

Owner of a boat?
Do you want to get in touch with other owners of your boat type? Find them in Owner's Contacts! Use the Crew list, if you need crew members. Check the Weather before you sail. And, finally, don't forget our 1000+ links.

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We need pictures for our image archives.
If you have photographs of your boat that you will permit us to use in our image archives, we would be very grateful to receive a copy. Copyright law prohibits us from using photographs without the photographer's permission.
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