Dean Whalen

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Scheepstype:Kalik 30
Naam van de boot:When the Snow Melts
Geplaatst:Aug. 2008
Naam:Dean Whalen
Adres:P.O. Box 264
New York
Verenigde Staten
Aangesloten bij:Mayfield Yacht Club, Mayfield, NY
Mijn ervaring:30+ years on various sailboats starting with a family Lightning, Paceship 26, J30, J24, J22, Ranger 22, Jet 14(currently in additon to the Kalik). A little coastal experience, but mostly lake racing including GSL, Lake George, Lake Champlain, Lake Erie, B
Waar zeilt u:With the Kalik, we are landlocked on Great Sacandaga Lake in the Southern Adirondacks. With the Jet 14, all over the East coast of USA and Great Lakes.
Vorige boten:Ranger 22; Holder 12
Overige informatie:Have had the boat for 10 years now. She is hull number 2. She was not abused, but tired when we bought her. I have done a great deal on her, but she needs new sails, some TLC in the cabin (varnish) and should have the keel bolst looked at. They are a hand

Datum van laatste update: 29 augustus 2008